Welcome our guest, Ramadhan…..

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welcome, ramadan, the long-awaited guest.

we’ll honor you to our very best.

come in come in, and have a seat;

we love you, before we even meet;

you’re kind, and dear, and full of blessing;

goodwill and hope, are you possessing.

you’re numbered days we hold so dear-

and your baraka, we clutch so near.

the devils are chained and locked away

when you come to us to sit and stay,

and every fear of their plots is gone away.

we gladly end our food and drink

to take time to study and to think

of the Qur’an sent down during your days,

to the man who’s heart full of piety weighs.

Ya Ramadan, the blessed, the sacred guest,

you’re more honorable than all the rest.

You’re kindness is so undeniable,

For every righteous deed is multipliable

During your time, by amounts indescribable.

and when we stay in hunger and thirst,

we think of the poor and downtrodden, the most.

and when we break our fast upon you,

we rejoice in the bounty of the One in who’s

hands is our lives.

we remember the mean, to never despise.

we pray during your nights (as we were told

by the Prophet), which is better than gold.

welcome, o ramadan. come in, come in.

let your grace, favors, and gladness begin.

~Hamba Rabbani~


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